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This space is to be a receptacle for my experiences and responses to the quest to create Meagheen's Irish cape aka "A Connaught Girl's Story."
Meggie has designed a large knitted cape with layers of meanings, crafted stitching in traditional designs imbued with specific symbolism of the history of Ireland, the heritage of her family, and her own personal life as well. As she publishes each element of the pattern she provides an explanation of the meanings. This blog will have my series of responses to this two-way labor of love.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hearts entwined

I have always felt that I was a loner, quite isolated even in a family setting.  Now that I have more than five decades of memories and experience I can see the true connections that have pulled me, drawn on me, and completely enhanced my life in spite of my prickly persona. 

All her life my mother gave me everything she had.  Heart and soul.  I know that her heartstrings were always embedded within me whether I acknowledged that fact or not.  She was there for me at all times even though as a child and young adult I spent an inordinate amount of energy pushing her away.

One of my sons has been with me in much the same way since before he was born.  Since forming his own family my awareness has diminished, but he will always be my mentor, as he has always been. 

There are several friends with whom I am so emotionally enmeshed that, at least, I always know they are going to call before the phone rings.  I thank God for the blessing of caring and love.  That as I was promised, I will always have friends where ever I go.

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